A collaboration with actor/writer Bryony Miller and publisher Paper Tiger Books, this project is inspired by the character of Mick Kelly from the late Carson McCuller’s ‘The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter’.

McCullers was an accomplished pianist, but lost the use of one of her arms at age 18. She then found her way with her use of words, fitting them together creating impressions in a musical way and writing in circular patterns.

Mick Kelly lived in the southern state of Georgia , a young adolescent, claustrophobic in the intense summer heat and the town she lives in, facing uncertainties and searching for meaning and her place in the world.

McCullers is the master of delving into the adolescent mind, without trying to alter it or sensor it, she focuses on the pure emotion, the music.

This project was made at the end of August 2018 on an intensely hot Brixton summer day, over a full twenty-four hour period from dawn until dawn.

Enda’s pictures are about a sequence of time, inspired by his own work in film as cinematographer and his love of storytelling. He wanted to touch on the feelings and searching of Mick Kelly while resonating and overlapping with the emotions and internal world of Bryony Miller, a universal journey of searching we all share on every day.

This Thing I Want, I Know Not What was published by Paper Tiger Books in 2018.