'Home on Thursdays' focuses on the special relationship and love between my brother Dara and my Mother Una and the ordinary everyday moments of home life.

I started to make these photographs after my Dad passed away, l hadn’t many photographs of Dad, l missed them while photographing other worlds and people, not seeing what was nearest to me.

I then decided to photograph what was most important to me, to try and create a permanence of life and family at home, the wonder in the everyday, the ordinary and cherished moments.

Everyday moments at home which l often missed before, emotions, the passing of time and seasons, tenderness and care, dignity and love, hope to capture and keep the day and memory, at least to keep each memory in a frame.

The project is called 'Home On Thursdays' as l always tried to return home on Thursdays on my visits home to Ireland from London, trying to pick up where l had left before.

On the last night of my Dad's life, one of the things he said to me was, "There is nothing to be worried about, everything is ok, everything is beautiful in the garden".