The selected images are concerned with looking at pilgrimage landmarks on the west coast of Ireland through the process of retracing steps, perhaps journeys taken by people returning to Ireland’s shores generations later.

The viewpoints chosen are places where ancestors may have paused for the last time, framing a picture in their minds of a place whose meaning and calmness could help to carry them through their journey across the Atlantic and their future elsewhere.

The people represented in this work are looking out west towards the Americas, they are disconnected from one another, dislocated from any notion of self - searching for meaning, morality and purpose, each in a world of his or her own.

This serves to heighten the impression of deeper bonds, invisible and unspoken. They are looking to this landscape for reference in their lives and the destiny yet to form; as we do today.

The resulting pictures that developed from this idea are to me, less about their geographical location and more about an association to the people in the photographs. They are sharing spaces and activities, but we as observers are left to guess at the specific nature of what binds them.

The pictures are transitory, their past and future is as uncertain as their present is unspecified.